WFO Annual Meeting 2024


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#WFO2024 Annual Meeting!

This hub is tailored for journalists and bloggers seeking resources to enhance their coverage. Here, you’ll find WFO logos, graphics, and animations reflecting the event’s brand identity.

Access press releases for timely updates and delve into our Flickr gallery for daily event photos.

Additionally, our Social Media Guidelines offer practical advice and sample copies for effective online engagement.

Social Media Guidelines

Our social media accounts will be posting a wide variety of content throughout the WFO 2024 Annual Meeting, including videos, carousels, live coverage, quotes, clips and much more.

Feel free to share and amplify your experience across your personal and organisational social media platforms, remembering to tag us whenever possible.

You can find the WFO on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (@worldfarmersorg), X (@worldfarmersorg), and YouTube.

When sharing, please tag our username, and use the official hashtags: #WFO2024 and #FarmersInAction.

Here are some sample posts for your ease of use:

Excited to join @worldfarmersorg's Annual Meeting in #Rome, June 17-21!
#WFO2024 is more than a gathering, it's where global #farmers, governments, and stakeholders shape the future of #Agriculture.
Don't miss out! #FarmersInAction
Thrilled to share that I'll be speaking at the @worldfarmersorg's #WFO2024 Annual Meeting at #FAO HQs in #Rome!
Looking forward to sharing insights and ideas on #SustainableFarming practices. Let's inspire positive change together!
Exciting news! I'll be attending the Annual Meeting of the @worldfarmersorg.
At #WFO2024, we'll be discussing strategies to address challenges like #ClimateChange, #FoodSecurity, and #SustainableFarming practices. Together, we can make a significant impact on the future of #Agriculture. Join us in Rome! #FarmersInAction
Welcome to #WFO2024 Annual Meeting's opening day!
Join us at @FAO HQs for inspiring discussions, insights, and connections.
@worldfarmersorg #FarmersInAction
Goodbye #Rome! #WFO2024 may be over, but its impact will endure over time. Let's continue for a brighter, resilient #FoodSystems.
Thanks, @worldfarmersorg & #FAO for making it possible! #FarmersInAction
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